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Future New York Jets Owner Gary Vaynerchuk To Attend National Sports Collectors Convention | @garyvee @nsccshow

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If you know who Gary Vaynerchuk is you know that he is an innovator, business owner, and well if you didn’t know who he is than you didn’t know that he is going to be the future owner of the New York Jets…

Gary is known for being the biggest fan of the Jets along with being one of the biggest inspirations for many entrepreneurs and a gritty entrepreneur at heart.

And I can’t lie, he’s someone I’ve looked up to for years. Actually since his talk at Blogs With Balls.

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If you’ve been following Gary you’ve probably noticed that he has been building his Sports Card Collection as he has been avidly buying and selling.

And guess what?

Last year my buddy hit me up about the National Sports Collection Convention and I attempted to make it – but I wasn’t in the best financial situation to make the trip. I’m still grinding away and I tell you what… 

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After seeing this tweet that Gary will be there I’ve got to make it possible.

If I can get Gary to retweet this blog and drop me a follow on (Twitter) – with next months Adsense check I’ll get a hotel room and figure out a way to make it there from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

On top of that Gary we have to talk about our bet.




Now you might ask… Why Is Gary Getting Back Into Sports cards?

Why would a future billionaire be interested in sports cards? Here is why Gary predicts they’re coming back.

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Are you attending The National Sports Collectors Convention?

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