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Fundly Account Has Been Set Up For Memorial of David Dorn, Retired Police Captain Who Was Killed at Illinois Pawn Shop By Looters

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Just moments after the news broke out of former retired St. Louis Police Chief David Dorn’s death, a Fundly account has been set up for the family, as first reported by Jack Posobiec of One American News Network.

The title of the fundraiser, Captain David Dorn Memorial Fund, was set up for $15,000 originally. Now it has reached over $65,000 and climbing with 59 days remaining.

All the funds that are being donated will be going towards the family and his memorial.

For those who don’t know, former Police Chief Dorn was killed defending a pawn shop in North City, Illinois (a village outside of St. Louis) reportedly by looters.

If you would like to read our full story of his death, feel free to click on the tweet below.

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