FSU Kicker Ricky Aguayo Xmas Fight Video Released

In case you forgot, FSU kicker Ricky Aguayo was in a fight last year with a couple of frat guys, but when interviewed by police, he claimed he was “jumped”. Well, the video released by TMZ this morning shows otherwise, check it out below:

So, Aguayo claimed that he was “jumped” by these guys, and although they definitely tried to take a couple of cheap shots, it looked like he not only squared up with the first guy, but then continued to go after them after the first fight happened. A spectator even was rooting him on, saying, “Hey Aguayo, f*ck him up bro!”

The two proceed to trade blows in front of the frat house, each landing a few shots. After Aguayo lost his shoe in the fight, one of the frat bros starts to heckle him saying, “You wanna do shit on our campus when you’re a fucking kicker?!” “Your brother never did this shit … that’s why i respected your brother … not you, you little bitch.”

Ricky should’ve just eaten the L after that comment, but then the fight continued, and also included Ricky’s teammate Ryan Izzo (TE).

What do you think? Did he get jumped? Or did he somehow duck out of getting suspended for fighting? Either way, not a good look for the struggling Seminoles. Let us know what you think in the comments below!  

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