From Sunshine State to Stupid State: Florida Breaks Record for Daily COVID-19 Infection

The Sunshine State (aka Florida for those who don’t know their state nicknames) is quickly becoming The Stupid State as more people continue to defy COVID-19 and come up short. The Associated Press is reporting that things are not looking good for Florida as:

 Florida shattered the national record Sunday for the largest single-day increase in positive coronavirus cases in any state since the beginning of the pandemic, adding more than 15,000 cases as its daily average death toll continued to also rise.

According to state Department of Health statistics, 15,299 people tested positive, for a total of 269,811 cases, and 45 deaths were recorded.

Neon hologram of the pathogen of the coronavirus COVID-2019 on an abstract futuristic background. The deadly type of virus is 2019-nCoV.

For those who haven’t been following the Sunshine State shitshow, Florida governor Ron “What Me Worry?” DeSantis has had a rather relaxed approach to stopping the spread of the virus. As noted by a report at Reuters:

To combat the outbreak, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has ordered bars to close but has resisted calls for a statewide mandate to wear masks in public.

Popular with both American and international tourists, Florida is home to beach resorts and theme parks including Disney World, which reopened on Saturday.

DeSantis’s style of leadership seems akin to the classic “Disney Dad” a phenomenon defined by Urban Dictionary as:

A father who doesn’t have physical custody of his child. So, to compensate for this, he makes the visitation times with his child all about fun. The child’s homework isn’t done, there isn’t a set bedtime and the child stays up late, the child watches all kinds of inappropriate movies/tv/video games. The father is more like a “friend” that’s a bad influence than a parent.

Rather than making hard decisions, DeSantis has bowed down to businesses and citizens alike, seeming to close things only when people started dropping like flies and quickly reopening them. DeSantis’s questionable decision to classify the WWE as “essential business” also led to allegations that Governor Disney Dad DeSantis may have had a financial reason for keeping the WWE open for infection business (in fairness, All Elite Wrestling was able to capitalize on this decision also, but no one in the company is believed to have made a multi-million dollar donation to a Republican fundraiser).

Did Governor Disney Dad Cave In Due to Cash, Cluelessness, or Both?

While I wish I could place this story in the coronapocalypse comedy gold section, it’s painfully obvious that too many people have either given up on protecting themselves against the virus or continue with the deluded belief that they’re somehow safe from it or it’s not as dangerous as numerous health officials have been saying for the last seven months. Add in leadership that’s afraid to make the tough choices and you have a disease that’s become a man-made disaster due to poor leadership and a debilitating disregard for the simplest of precautions such as wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

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