Friday Night War? AEW Dynamite Battles SmackDown on May 28

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Has AEW won the Wednesday Night War against NXT only to go head-to-head with Friday Night SmackDown? Not quite, but Dynamite will run against SmackDown on May 28.

While Dynamite normally airs on Wednesday nights, it will be preempted that week due to the NBA playoffs. This should not be seen as AEW moving to Friday nights permanently, but AEW would be foolish not to make the most of this opportunity to see if it could compete against the WWE’s blue brand.

At this point, AEW has nothing to gain by permanently moving its flagship program to Friday nights or Monday nights. However, it may not have a choice once the 2021-2022 NHL season begins. With the Turner network acquiring the rights to a block of NHL games (which air on Wednesdays), fans are already speculating whether TNT might air the shows, which would make things uncomfortable for AEW. Although AEW often does better in the ratings, the NHL (like any major sport) is seen as a more prestigious product which of course, means more blue chip, i.e. big money, advertisers.

Count on the WWE and AEW to put on star-studded shows as they vie for the wrestling audience. Who do you think will win when AEW Dynamite faces SmackDown? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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