Freestyle Rapper Harry Mack Has Legendary YouTube Session – Dedicated To Women Of Hip Hop, Sean Gilchrist Donates Huge Amounts To Harry | @harrymack

I tend to find myself watching free style rapper Harry Mack on YouTube at least once a week. If it’s his Omegle videos or if he’s doing a long form YouTube session. That’s where I found myself tonight.

He raps about whatever people want. Whenever they send money, which is nonstop, Harry raps about whatever they say. Unless it’s something too crazy.

But speaking of crazy. Craziness happened. Sean Gilchrist one of his fans donated a huge amount during the stream.

For the first time ever Harry dedicated the stream to him because of how much love he was showing.

This session was featuring the women of hip-hop. It was legendary.

UPDATE: Another big Harry Mack fan, Paul, donated huge amounts!

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