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Frank the Tank Sinks Center Ice Shot in 1st Intermission Ice Hockey Contest! | @NJTank99 @spittinchiclets @barstoolsports

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Barstool Sports’s Frank ‘The Tank’ Fleming made waves during the first intermission of an ECHL game between then Adirondack Thunder and the Maine Mariners earlier tonight.

As you can see from center ice in the clip below, The Tank lined up his shot and was able to find the hole which one on him quite a bit of money.

And for the sinking the shot in just his first try in the contest, he won the top prize of $600 combined. His first shot won him $100, and in the video, he secured an additional $500.

A very good night for one of the more likable employees over at Barstool. But the big question was how did he come up with that skill with that shot?!

However we all know that this beats Portnoy’s attempts at half-court shots on the Orlando Magic court by a wide margin. Good job Tank!

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