Frank “The Tank” Fleming Gave An Epic Rant On The Brooklyn Nets Heartbreaking Game 7 Loss @NjTank99

Frank is literally the gift that keeps on giving, without having any bias he is the funniest person at Barstool.

If you are a Stoolie you know he is a diehard, passionate Nets fan and they suffered a heartbreaking Game 7 loss against the Bucks tonight sending them to Cancun. Frank delivered a rant that only Nets fans can relate too here it is:

You can literally feel the pain through this video, and as much as you can hate the Nets you have to feel for Frank. This was the Nets golden opportunity with this superteam and they literally had a series of unfortunate events, with Kyrie and James Harden being hurt for a majority of the playoffs. No one should throw any negativity Kevin Durants name he played like the best player on the planet. They will get them next year Frank, my thoughts and prayers.


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