Fox Sports’ Joe Buck Was Asked to Narrate Sex Tapes Numerous Times

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Don’t let the headline fool you, this is true and it actually happened.

Fox Sports commentator Joe Buck was approached by people numerous times and was asked to narrate their sex tapes, as reported by TMZ Sports.

And in no surprise to a lot of people, Buck said himself that if they send him those tapes, he will NOT narrate them. Yet, some of them still keep sending them to him.

Those bizarre requests came about after Buck was seen on social media doing commentary on random fans’ videos of what is going on at their homes. Just like these highlight videos down below.

“I’ve had a couple of submissions from let’s say, a man and a woman, that just didn’t seem appropriate to put my voice to in this stage of my life,” Buck told TMZ Sports. “Maybe later in life, but not now.”

Just having the thought of hearing Buck calling a sextape would be weird, but interesting at the same time.

However, Buck also stated to those who still request videos, don’t even try to sneak in the NSFW-related ones. He likes to sniff those ones out and discard them when he gets the chance.

“I look at these videos very carefully and pick the ones that seem the most wholesome to put my voice to,” Buck said.

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