Former WWE Superstar Tells Fans Don’t Wear Masks as Fans Can’t Remember Who He Is.

Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks (aka Gabriel Tuft) recently encouraged fans not to wear facemasks, but wrestling fans are wondering just who in the blue hell Tyler Reks is. Did he compete in the WWE as claimed or is he another instance of the Mandela Effect? It’s time for the latest edition of “Say What?” Wednesday where I usually look at controversial comments made by celebrities, politicians, and anyone else in the public eye or in this case, someone who allegedly was in the public eye.

As the coronapocalypse continues, more people seem to be divided as to the value of wearing masks while others feel the need to wear facemasks with swastikas on them or Ku Klux Klan hoods. In Reks’s case, he has his own take on things. Let’s listen to the man himself:

The big question isn’t whether Tuft is a maskhole or a Karen, but who exactly he is. Was he actually a wrestler or is Reks a figment of the fans’ imagination, a sort of “Mandela Effect” of wrestling where fans seem to remember someone like him, but in reality, he never existed or never wrestled in the WWE. “The Mandela Effect” is defined by Healthline as “The Mandela effect occurs when a large group of people believes an event occurred when it did not.” A classic example is people remembering Darth Vader telling Luke Skywalker “Luke, I am your father” in Empire Strikes Back rather than “I am your father” (as he actually said). Another example would be remembering a time when Amy Schumer was funny.

Believing Amy Schumer was ever funny is a classic example of the Mandela Effect.

The WWE’s website has him listed in its alumni section which would seem to confirm his existence. Wrestling legend has it that Reks’s finisher “The Burning Hammer” looked too much like John Cena’s “Attitude Adjustment” and Cena allegedly lost his mind when Reks used it after Cena advised him to stop using it. Whether or not this led to the demise of Reks’s career is unknown.

While Reks may seem like a figment of fans’ imagination, he did work for the WWE. There’s no Mandela Effect happening here, but I’d list his video as a classic case of a “Say What?” moment.

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