Former WWE star Jonathan Coachman refutes some of “Plane Ride From Hell” episode

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On Thursday night, Vice aired the latest episode of “The Dark Side of the Ring” which featured the “Plane Ride From Hell” episode that featured the events of 2002.

The two main people who have looked the worst from the episode are Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer. Flair came off looking like a sexual deviant who assaulted flight attendants. Dreamer looked like someone who supported the actions. Dreamer was suspended indefinitely by Impact Wrestling less than 24 hours after the episode aired.

But how true was the episode that made WWE look like a college frat as opposed to a professional company. Former WWE commentator and occasional wrestler Jonathan Coachman took to social media to address some of the questions fans had for him.

One thing he clarified and refuted was that WWE owner Vince McMahon was not on the flight.

One thing Coachman clarified was that not only was Vince McMahon not on the flight, but neither was Kurt Angle, so the infamous “wrestling match” between Angle and McMahon was on another flight.

Coachman was one of the few sober people on the flight, thus, his memories of the events that took place almost 20 years ago are more clearer than those who had been intoxicated.

One thing that Coachman didn’t dispute was the story of Michael Hayes having his ponytail cut off by X-Pac, real name Sean Waltman.

Coachman, who was also known in WWE as “Coach,” also confirmed that Brock Lesnar and Curt Hennig did in fact have their tussle on the plane as well.

The 48-year-old Coachman had two stints with WWE; from 1999-2008 and then again from 2016-2018. Coachman also worked with ESPN from 2008-2017 and currently works for CBS Sports.

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