Former UFC Veteran Vitor Belfort To Fight Former Boxing Champion Oscar De La Hoya in Sanctioned Triller Pro Boxing Match

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It was previously announced that former boxing champion, Oscar De La Hoya, would fight former UFC champion, Vitor Belfort, on September 11th in an exhibition boxing match, but in a strange turn of events, the bout will be contested as a professional boxing match sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission.

“I decided if I was coming back, it was for real, none of this exhibition stuff,” De La Hoya said.

The boxing match will take place at 180 pounds for eight, two-minute rounds. Belfort previously fought at 171-185 pounds, while De La Hoya boxed at 154-160 pounds. UFC veteran, Belfort, retired from the UFC in 2018 after much realization that he would not become champion again at 44 years old. De La Hoya, now 48 years old, boxed his last fight in 2008 after a loss to Manny Pacquiao.

Belfort told TMZ Sports the following, “Oscar is an Olympic gold medalist one of the best pound-for-pound fighters ever. He revolutionized the sport. Vitor was the youngest UFC champion. If it were not for Oscar, [Floyd] Mayweather wouldn’t exist. If it were not for Vitor Belfort, [Conor] McGregor wouldn’t exist. Now the new generation will be taught about the history of the sport. This fight will break all the records. This fight will sell more than Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman.”

Understandably Belfort is trying to sell the fight, but let’s not go overboard. Muhammad Ali and George Foreman are absolute legends that transcend the sport of boxing. We’re getting a watered down circus act with Belfort vs De La Hoya. It’ll be your typical Triller event with random performances, TikTok star appearances, Snoop Dogg commentating, and smoke machines on full blast.

Belfort Last UFC Fight in 2018
De La Hoya Last Fight in 2008
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