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Former Patriot and New Detroit Lions safety Duron Harmon Sticks Up For Matt Patricia – Say’s He Needs A Coach Like Matt Patricia To Fire Him Up Everyday – The Reason He Loves Patricia | @dharm32

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The Detroit Lions traded for Duron Harmon from the New England Patriots. Another Patroits player? Yup! Thankfully the Lions are starting to bring in players who enjoy winning and hard-nose/discipline football that Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia is trying to develop in Detroit.

During a recent interview with Tori Petry he talked about how he found out about the trade in the middle of a dentist appointment.

“Matty P is such a passionate, great coach, who coaches with a lot of fire. As a player, like myself, I play that way. If I can’t get that fire going, I need someone like that to always get that fire burning for me. I’ve been able to be in dog fights with Matty P, win championships with Matty P, lose championships with Matty P.”

“When you have that relationship and that bond it does nothing but makes you closer. I know what Matty P is trying to establish, I know how much he wants to win, I know how much he wants to bring a winning culture to the Lions. I can just feel it. I could feel it on our phone conversation.”

You can listen to the interview here:

It’ll be interesting to see if more former/current Patricia players come out to speak in favor of the coach.

Here is a Harmon highlight video:

Harmon is the second player over the last day to come out and speak in favor of Patricia:

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