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Former NFL Player Drew Nowak Thinks George Floyd Was Killed By Fake Police That Was Funded and Staged By George Soros

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Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. But don’t get mad when everyone else thinks that you’re wrong.

Former NFL player Drew Nowak went to social media to explain his thoughts on what happened to George Floyd.

“Conspiracy theory of the day. The cops that killed George Floyd weren’t even real cops. This was paid for and staged by the puppet master, George Soros. Antifa staged as cops, taking the fall to forward the agenda to tear down our country. Racial injustice has been the centerpiece of divide in our country, why not use that platform to continue there agenda?

Well… I’m glad you’re a free thinker, but sometimes it’s okay to look at what’s going on and realize that it isn’t ‘fake’ it isn’t ‘staged’ and instead that this bullshit actually happens and this is how different communities struggle.

I’m not sure if now is the time to give your ‘two cents’ because you think George Floyd isn’t actually dead? Or….

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