Former NFL OL Evan Mathis Sells Baseball Card For A Record Setting $3 Million

Evan Mathis

retired from the NFL in 2016 after 12 seasons on six different teams and something that he didn’t share with many people is that he had a rare 1952 Mickey Mantle tools rookie card and he decided to check how much he could get for it.

The former NFL offensive lineman just sold the card at an auction on Thursday night and walked away with nearly $3 million:

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the $2.88 million price tag is the second highest ever for a baseball. The biggest being $3.12 million for a 1090 T206 Honus Wagner card in October of 2016:

“It’s a remarkable price,” Chris Ivy, the director of sports auctions at Heritage, told Rovell. “It was 10 years ago when we last had a Mantle 9 sell, but this sold for 10 times that.”

His reasoning for selling it is to help purchase a nice home for him and his wife in their home state of Alabama.

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