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Former NFL GM: Matthew Stafford’s Back Has Not Fully Healed

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Mike Valenti of 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit played a clip from former NFL GM Michael Lombardi where Lombardi states that he “received a call” from a source (a source which he did not name, of course) saying that Stafford has not fully healed from last years un-reported back injury. Lombardi continued his conversation saying that the Lions were looking like locks for the first overall pick and betting the under of the Lions projected 6.5 wins was the lock of a lifetime.

It remains to be seen how accurate this theory is, as it has not been reported elsewhere.

The only thing I could find on the matter was on a Twitter exchange with writer Jeff Risdon, who follows the team, attends practices, and is always a reliable source:

Risdon says that Stafford looks fine physically and no other sources have reported that Stafford is still dealing with the injury.

We will see if the phone call that Lombardi allegedly received was from an inside Lions source, or if he got a call from his drunk uncle and Lombardi decided to use it as news.

Lombardi was the GM of the Cleveland Browns for one season (2013) before being replaced.

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