Former NFL Defensive Lineman Lawerence Jackson (@LoJackson94) is Now Making Ice Cream

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Jackson announced on Twitter and Instagram Sunday Night that he has launched a new ice cream brand called “Milk and Soul”:

Cool Stuff!

I have always been a fan of Jackson’s ever since he signed with the Lions. 

Jackson is a very interesting and smart guy and has always been more of an intellectual type, even during his playing days.

Per Jackson’s website the company promises:

MilknCookies is a dessert company looking to leave you satisfied with every bite. Our goal is to provide both a unique eating experience that you are eager to share with family and friends.

People always ask me, ‘Why Ice Cream?’ It’s because I get to experience the joy of cooking, but I don’t have to watch you and make sure you eat the food before it’s no longer perfect. Frozen soul, one scoop at a time.”


Jackson is looking to make a difference in his community with this company so be sure to check it out!

Flavors currently available are strawberry poundcake, banana pudding, German chocolate cake, Strawberry cheesecake, graham cracker and milk, and apple pie.


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