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Former Houston Football Player Found Dead In Apartment!

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This has been a very unfortunate year for professional athletes. It feels like 2021 has been littered with deaths of professional athletes, whether it is the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL.

Unfortunately, the NFL was just hit again with another premature death. It was reported earlier this week that former Houston Oilers cornerback Patrick Allen was found dead in his apartment at the age of 59. At this time, no cause of death has been reported.

Allen was a fourth-round draft pick in 1984 from Utah State was known by his nickname, “Doc.” He played his entire NFL career (seven years) with the Houston Oilers. For five seasons (1985-89).

In a lighter side of NFL news that might bring you a laugh, former Houston Texans defensive end and current Arizona Cardinals playing took part in some rookie hazing here recently. Shortly before a recent golf game, Cardinals rookie Zaven Collins forgot to bring veteran player JJ Watt his breakfast. That did not sit well with Watt who felt compelled to take to Twitter asking what Collins’ punishment should be forgetting to feed him.

After polling Twitter on what Collins’ punishment should be, Watt finally reprimanded him as you can see in the video below on Twitter.

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