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Former Green Bay Packers 2nd Round Draft Pick Explains Why He Was Somewhat Upset When Green Bay Drafted Him

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Former Green Bay Packers second round draft pick Pat Lee joined The TrevStone Show and talked about his time with the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions!

One topic that was brought up was how Lee was somewhat upset and happy when he was drafted by Green Bay.

“I was kind of mad they drafted me. But I was happy they drafted me. They had two goats in front of me with Al Harris and Charles Woodson. I’m supposed to be a corner, drafted high, I’m not going to play right away. They were looking forward for when one of those guys getting out of there because they were getting up there in age. Who would know that those guys would play 5 or 8 more years.”

Here is the video of the podcast:

Here is the audio of the podcast:

Other topics discussed included pranks on Aaron Rodgers, what Mike McCarthy was like, what life is like after football… A quick recap of the Netflix Series, Tiger King. And more!

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