Former FSU Fullback Almost Cries Like An Embarrassed Clown While Begging For Former Players To Donate To Their Broke Football Program #PovertyU

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The latest in the drama that is how broke the FSU football program is; Former FSU fullback Freddie Stevenson begs on camera calling for former players to donate:

It’s been no secret that the Tallanasty football program has been low on funds since last year when they had to buy out Willie Taggert’s contract. Then later they had to ask for money to help fund the coaching search for Mike Norvell.

The funny thing is the clown Freddie Stevenson, who as a Canes fan have never heard of, has been talking shit about Miami all season:

Seems like he’s been quiet about the Canes since we hung a 50-burger on them in September and are currently 7-1, while their dumpster fire program is on the verge of cancelling their season after being to scared to play Clemson LMAO.

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