Former Detroit Lions Player Passes Away!

2021 has been a rough year for the NFL as far as former athletes passing away is concerned. There have been entirely too many former players dying at too young of an age.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck again on June 11th when former Detroit Lions player and offensive lineman Hessley Hempstead passed away of a heart attack.

In other Detroit Lions news, Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders recently replied to a tweet from the NFLonCBS Twitter account in regards to him being the only non-active player to obtain 1300 scrimmage yards in every one of his seasons in NFL history.

While Sanders was a great running back, in my own opinion he was a bit overrated. Simply put, Sanders did not show up when it really mattered.

His post-season stats outside of the Silverdome, he averaged less than 3 yards per carry. In each of his four post-season appearances, Sanders and the Lions went 0-4. I’m not suggesting he wasn’t great, but in no way should he ever be considered the greatest since he would consistently fail on the big stage.

You can brag about him all you want for his scrimmage yards attained, but he may be the worst Hall of Fame running back as far as post-season stats are concerned.


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