Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is on!!!

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Floyd Mayweather just dropped a BOMB on the sports world, announcing that he’ll be fighting Logan Paul on Febuary 20. In an instagram post made moments ago, Floyd noted that the fight will be a ‘super exhibiton’ and we’ll find out more details shortly. Whhhhhaaaattttt????

First off, why’s he fighting the shittier Paul? At least Jake has a 2-0 boxing record, and is coming off a rather impressive win, Logan is 0-1 with a loss to KSI. In just one fight, Paul will go from losing to a Youtuber/aspiring rapper to squaring off against the greatest of all time … some rise.

Now the phrase ‘super exhibition’ … lets take a look at that. That phrasing leads me to believe that the ruleset in this bout will be more restrictive than trying to party during a pandemic. Like there might not be headshots, they might be wearing headgear, they might be throwing lightly …. this is gonna SUCK.

Despite the glaring skill advantage, we should acknowledge the fact that Floyd is a complete troll, and I can strongly envision a scenario in which Mayweather lets Logan compete. Everybody knows Floyd’s the better boxer, but as a fuck you to guys like McGregor, Pacquiao, Canelo, and basically all of boxing, Floyd definitely might let Logan land some shots. Personally, I’m praying this thing gets cancelled, but I’ll still be watching February 20th.

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Noah Gagnon

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