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Florida TV Host Calls Out Wrestling Website

On Friday night, the always civil “Wrestling Twitter” world was buzzing. Not because of anything that happened on Smackdown, no. The controversy was prior to the start of the show. Long-time wrestling website tweeted out this:

As the headline states, the link follows you to Thunder Rosa’s Twitter page where it is indeed, a bikini photo of herself inside a cave. A photo she posted mind you. Within minutes though, the story came in. Jon Alba responded with a not so friendly jab:

Who is Jon Alba you ask? 

According to his Twitter bio, he is an “Award Winning TV Host & Storyteller.” Also, he works at Spectrum Sports 360 in Central Florida. For publicity sake, I will also plug his podcast: Living The Gimmick. Reminder, this can all be found in his Twitter bio. Truth be told, I have written for NoDQ, just as I am a fan of Alba. Being from Florida, he has been on top of A LOT of recent WWE stories. Make no mistake, the dude has been on the ball in recent months as most companies are planting their flag in Florida. I have no knock on his stories or sources. He is legitimate.

Now, as for his stance here, eh. It continued with owner Aaron Rift for awhile.

Aaron offered up a spot for him on their Youtube channel to discuss things, rather than sling mud online. That request was shot down, of course. Here are my thoughts:

On Alba’s main point, yes, he is correct. There are far too many creepy or ‘click bait’ style stories out there, especially banking on women. I think everybody recognizes that and gets it. Does this fall into that category though? I don’t know. Close call, as many of the replies on Twitter seemed to be siding with here. Not saying that is right or wrong…but that was the impression I got. More scoffed at Alba, more than supported. So far, no wrestlers (male or female) have commented, so that may be an added layer to this story.

The headline wasn’t “LOOK AT THIS GIRL’S T**S AND A**!!!” That would deserve to be called out. It was just as advertised with no malicious intent. 

My opinion is this. Firstly, the post was in the “features” section of the website, NOT the “news” section. Nobody claimed this was breaking news or some hard hitting story. It was a picture in the FEATURES section. Secondly, I mentioned it earlier, but Thunder Rosa posted the photo. She made it public on her page. This isn’t some dirty TMZ crap or undercover illegal stuff. Rosa is the one who posted the picture for the whole world to see. Thirdly, I know WWE, AEW, and other companies pay their women for the photo shoots, but look on their websites. Same thing. AEW has a big headline on their website for a bikini photo shoot. WWE does it, or at least used to do it.

I am a fan of Alba and enjoy his reporting, so this isn’t a knock on him. I just don’t think this was the time or place to make a point, even if his overall point is correct.

What do YOU think?

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