Flashback Friday: The Day I Was In A Movie

We’ve all been in a movie, right? Well maybe not. But I was. It was I think 2014, a sophomore in high school. And my first movie gig?

It was a casual day start of the day… I was late for school, and missed out morning announcements… If i would have made it I would have heard about what was going on later in the day….

But throughout the morning a couple people asked if I was going to be in the movie Mutt and playing basketball and I had no idea what they were talking about.

Then it kind of clicked at that time basketball was my biggest passion, and hell a movie? Maybe I’ll end up famous.

Well not the case….

Throughout the day I was asking teammates and upperclassmen if they were going and well most of them said no. It wasn’t required but hell the fame…

Let’s fast forward a bit, because honestly I don’t remember shit from then besides what I’ve said so far – and what happened when we got there.

On the ride some people mentioned we would be scrimmaging Houghton a school 30 minutes away… our coach wasn’t coming… The Varsity Girls Coach was… weird, right?

Well… Houghton never showed up, so for the movie we had to scrimmage each other… And well not everyone was prepared… some didn’t even bring basketball shorts. And another thing that I found weird, we weren’t playing at either one of our courts, I can’t even remember the name of this gym… But somehow the director of the movie had Houghton’s jerseys… How? I don’t know.

But honestly.. Either way, this movie had a chance…. until we ruined it..

We honestly looked like a bunch of misfits and that’s because we were.

We all should have been in purple playing another team, but instead I had to wear a Gremlins jersey #52. Stupid? I’d say.

But here is a quick clip of one of my sick passes that made the movie:

The movie ended up airing (where? Like nowhere) but I never watched it. Honestly forgot about it. It took like two years to come out, and when it did no one had much interest.

And everyone would have had to pay to watch it? Hell no. No way. I wouldn’t pay for it if I’m in it, and didn’t get paid. I bet you any money I have more net fame than anyone of those actors. They should have been thrilled I was in it. Hell back then ProSportsExtra was partnered up with Fox Sports.

But either way, I waited and watched it when it was free…. no to that as well.. I fast forwarded it to the part I was in, and that’s it. I tried watching a little further and let’s be honest, I should have been the main actor..

Our basketball team went on to suck… and hell my senior year we went (0-20), and actually won a playoff game. Yes.. We made the playoffs, because Michigan High School has some dumb basketball rules, but I’ll take it. Fuck you Iron Wood. 

If you’d like to watch the movie click here. I’m in around 22 minutes. Rocking the white #52.

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