Fights to make after UFC 263

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Insane card Saturday night, absolutely ridiculous. I mean, the way Austin McBroom just took it to Bryce Hall was completely spec— yeah no, nobody watched that. Of course, I’m referencing UFC 263, where we saw a new flyweight champ crowned, a dominant Israel Adesanya performance, and an underwhelming Nate Diaz performance (that one punch was cool though). So, here’s some fights to make after that card.

Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whitttaker II

Not only is this the fight to make, I think it’s the fight we’ll get. Adesanya’s been calling for the rematch just as hard as Whittaker’s been calling for the title shot, and it’s looking like it’ll go down in October. Bobby Knuckles was as respectable as a champion as you’ll see in the UFC, and after a dominant performance over Kelvin Gastelum, he looks ready to reclaim his thrown. If you think about it, Robert beat Kelvin way worse than Israel did, so he should be the favorite, right? It works out that way every single time. Also, Adesanya’s been calling for this one to go down in Auckland, which would be as ridiculous of an environment we’ve ever seen for a fight. I can’t even imagine what kind of voodoo bullshit walkout Izzy would do in his hometown.

Brandon Moreno vs Deivison Figueredo III

I really think a trilogy bout is the way to go here. Whenever you have a matchup with any sort of major intrigue at 125 lbs, you have to take advantage. Did Figueredo’s performance on Saturday necessarily inspire an immediate rematch? Not really, but who else would be even remotely as interesting? Pantoja? Askarov? Good fighters, but lets be honest, I don’t think those fights interest anyone more than a trilogy bout, especially considering what happened in the first fight. Wherever Moreno fights next, it’s gotta be in Mexico. That would be RIDICULOUS! Tell El Chapo to move over, because there’s a new king in Mexico, and he should be crowned in his home country.

Leon Edwards vs Kamaru Usman

If Leon never even fought Nate Diaz, this would have been the fight to make. The guy’s coming off a 9 fight win streak, he was gonna beat Belal Muhammed though, so we can really call it 10, and hasn’t lost since he fought Usman himself back in 2015. I can’t lie and say that Leon’s performance against Nate inspired me to think he can beat Usman, but who can? At this point for Usman, it’s kind of just a revolving door of challengers waiting to get smashed by the best fighter in the world, and Leon Edwards should be next in line to be brutalized by Kamaru.

Nate Diaz vs Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee’s come out and said he wants to come back to Welterweight, so why not give him Nate Diaz for his first fight? From a business perspective, I think this makes a lot of sense for the UFC. Despite a rough go of late, Kevin Lee still has a lot of star power, and he could certainly benefit from the Nate Diaz rub-off. And for Nate, I honestly think he wants to fight guys who are gonna try to inflict the most damage on him as possible. He only seems to get up for fights when the guy across from him is a complete maniac, and isn’t as into fights against point fighters like Leon Edwards. Kevin Lee’s certainly that type of maniac. He’ll have Nate’s face ripped open in 2 seconds, and the men will be getting after it like complete dawgs the entire fight. And oh yeah, the pre-fight shit talking between those two would be legendary as well. Detroit vs Stockton, two guys made in the streets, gives me real old-school MMA vibes.

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