Fernando Tatis Jr. Is Gonna Make More Money Than God

Holy shit. Reports are coming out saying that Fernando Tatis Jr. is about to ink a 14 year, $340 million contract with the Padres. $340 million! What do you even do with that money. If he’s smart, saves it all, and lives off sponsorships (the kids a ten, he’s got sponsors) he could probably buy the damn team at the end of the 14 years.

And 14 years? Thats ridiculous. Think about how different the world was 14 years ago. Blockbuster was popping, Obama hadn’t been elected, Charli D’amelio was in diapers. It’s a long time.

Seeing this type of money thrown at a guy who hasn’t even played a 162 game season really makes me wish I worked harder in high school baseball. Yeah I was a below-average second baseman, but with a little elbow grease and effort I could’ve been knocking at the door of 340 mil. Instead I blog. No ragrets.


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