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Fenella Has Raised £3000 For Charity With Her Nudes | @fenellascorner

Fenella is one of the top earners on the entire OnlyFans platform and she’s doing something very unique by giving back some of her earnings.

So far she has raised £3000 for charity with her nudes. Not only has she raised the money but we know exactly where the money is going. She has funded to help the plantation of roughly 7600 trees!

“I’m very proud to share that since the start of 2020 I have donated over £3000 towards reforestation by selling my nude photographs and videos. overall this money has funded the plantation of approximately 7600 trees!”

“I was inspired to raise money after witnessing the severity of the bush fires in Australia at the end of 2019. at the time of the fires I was travelling in Australia. I saw the smoke, the burnt trees, I watched ash fall from the sky and I saw it wash up on the beaches wondering the whole time if there was anything I could do to help!”

If you’d like to see Fenella’s exclusive content you can click here!

Other wise check out her social media accounts:
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