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‘F*ck You LeBron’ – Recently Acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse Blasts LeBron James for Comments and Tweets Mocking Him in Court

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After being given the not guilty verdict to all charges in connection to the shooting of two criminals back in summer 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse has been making appearances discussing his trial and lawsuits following the verdict. One of those appearances came earlier Tuesday as Rittenhouse sat down with YouTubers Sydney Watson and Elijah Schaeffer for a segment on the show, ‘You are Here.’

During the interview, the crew brought up a topic on LeBron James and his tweet making fun of him him crying during his testimony.

Here’s what he had to say:

In case viewers have not caught any key quotes in the interview, Rittenhouse said that he was a fan of James growing up, but since LeBron made those comments and tweets about him, he immediately lost respect for the NBA star.

This is just another big fail on part for LeBron himself. James likely won’t apologize unless there is a big amount of backlash, but at least with Rittenhouse responding to his stupidity is a start.

If you want to catch the full interview with Rittenhouse on ‘You are Here,’ feel free to view the full show here.

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