‘F*ck Jake Paul’ Chants Go Off as Jake Paul Clashes With Daniel Cormier at UFC 261 – @jakepaul

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After last week’s fights that happened at Atlanta, fans were amongst divided with results in the Jake Paul-Ben Askren fight; and boy, they are letting everyone know about it.

In separate tweets posted, a crowd of ‘f*ck Jake Paul’ chants were going off in one of the matches in Saturday night’s UFC 261 event.

Some users have stated that the reason for those is because Paul is actually in attendance for tonight’s fights, and based on his actions in another clip, he doesn’t care how they feel.

However just after those chants occurred, the YouTuber went toe-to-toe against former UFC Champion Daniel Cormier. This occurred after Jake called out Cormier and told him that he will ‘beat the F*ck out of the your ass.’

Jake is certainly getting a lot of heat from fans and past and present fighters lately, and from the looks of it, he’s enjoying it.

Should we see a Jake Paul vs Daniel Cormier fight in the near future? Time will tell based on these clips.

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