Faze Rug’s Brother Brandon ‘Brawadis’ & cousin Anthony Call Girl Who Claimed Sexual Assault To Be “Clout Chasers! They Are Right, This Girl Seems Outrageous! | @brawadis @anthonyjabs

The popular YouTube and gamer Faze Rug’s brother Brandon “Brawadis” and his cousin Anthony are in the news today… And it’s not for something you’d want to be in the news for. The two of them have been accused of sexual assault by a girl that Anthony was nearly dating.

The girl, Emily Rose, is accusing that the two of them locked her into a room and tried to have a three sum with her. She joined Drama Alert today to talk about the incident and didn’t seem too upset about it. She didn’t seem sad. She laughed a couple of times and sat back saying she doesn’t remember anything about the night, although she remembered everything about it happening.

According to Brandon, Anthony and Faze Rug the girl is a clout chaser and is attempting to ruin their career.

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened. But from listening to the girl in the interview below she didn’t seem too upset about it. She didn’t seem stunned. She didn’t seem like she had any trauma….

What do you think?

Brawadis uploaded this to his YouTube channel:

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