Faze Rug’s Brother Brandon ‘Brawadis’ & cousin Anthony Accused of Sexual Assault | @brawadis @anthonyjabs

The popular YouTube and gamer Faze Rug’s brother Brandon “Brawadis” and his cousin Anthony might be in some trouble! Today the two of them were accused of sexual assault by a girl that Anthony was nearly dating.

The girl, Emily Rose, is accusing that the two of them locked her into a room and tried to have a three sum with her. That’s not all she went into some very specific details!

This is what Brandon had to say:

“I’m in absolute shock. I’m literally speechless. I’m trying to send this video out so I can share my side of the story. But to be honest, there is no side of the story. This girl was Anthony’s pretty much girlfriend, they were talking for almost half of a year, like four or five months.

And they were serious talking. They were about to be boyfriend and girlfriend. So why would I? Me. Anthony’s best friend and first cousin try? That’s beyond the fact that if she’s accusing us of rape or sexual harassment, prove that this girl is a clout chaser. Why would she go to Keem? Why would she go to a YouTube news channel? Why wouldn’t she go to the cops? Emily if you were raped or sexually harassed wouldn’t you go to the cops?

This girl from the start, it doesn’t take you 1 minute to go through her Instagram to know that she is a clout chaser. I would never do anything like that to Antony. Let alone she said that we were in a room together? Why would Anthony let that happen to a girl that she was about to date?” – Brandon

Here is the interview by Keemstar on Drama Alert!

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