FaZe Rug To Be Guest On New Episode Of Hit MTV Show Ridiculousness | @FaZeRug

The popular FaZe Rug whose real name is Brian Awadis has been taking over YouTube for over a decade. He has over 14.5 million YouTube subscribers and continues to grow every month.

Today Rug shared the news that he will be a guest on an upcoming episode of one of his favorite TV shows, Ridiculousness.

Congrats, Rug!

The recording of the episode will happen tomorrow, Thursday, March 4th! He said he doesn’t know when the episode will air but he will keep everyone posted on his Twitter.

Needless to say, Rug being on the show will bring in a different audience and help grow Rug’s fame.

This comes about a month after Jake Paul recorded his episode and jumped onto Ridiculousness.

Update: Rug has officially appeared on the show! It aired April 30th for the first time on MTV.

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