Fantasy football draft strategies For This Season

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It’s that time of year again folks, the best time of the year. Open up those laptops. Mock draft, eat, sleep, repeat. Now, I know we all have our own strategies to drafting our fantasy football teams, but I’m here to do my best to guide you into the winning strategy this year. Follow these steps and you’re golden, pony boy. 

Alright, first things first, WAIT ON A QUARTERBACK… maybe. 

Listen, I’m all for drafting a quarterback late. You can load up on running backs, and wide receivers in the mean time. You could even take a strong tight end with the right luck.  Last year I took Patrick Mahomes in the 11th round and I bet you can figure out how that turned out. So with that said, IF Mahomes is there in the end of the 2nd round (I doubt he will be) go ahead and snag the top QB. Odds are he’s going to explode again, I’m not saying this guy will throw for 50 touchdowns and 5,097 yards again… but the guy is an absolute machine! I’m all for taking Mahomes in a realistic draft pick, but I would advise against taking him first round… obviously. 

Here are a few guys you can target in the later rounds that will be great for you this season. 

  • Drew Brees. Target him in round 9-10. The saints offense is loaded this year, adding another big weapon in Jared Cook… Brees will be a top 10 quarterback this season. 
  • Baker Mayfield. Target him in round 9-10 as well. Look, the hype around the Browns is insane and the talent matches the hype. The Browns offense will be a top offense this year and Mayfield will put up a boat load of points. 
  • Carson Wentz. Target him in round 12-13. Wentz last year missed some games, 6 to be exact. But he still posted 3,000+ yards and 21 touchdowns…not too bad. They upped their run game and the Eagles will be a top contender this year. Wentz is a solid QB. 
  • Kyler Murray. Target him in round 12. Murray was explosive in college and I don’t see him struggling in the NFL. He is extremely accurate at throwing the ball, and he’s about as fast as anyone else on the field which makes him a threat to get at least 50 yards a game on the ground, resulting in 5 fantasy points right there. Murray could be the next Mahomes if the Cardinals use him correctly. 

If you can’t get one of the triple three, wait on a tight end 

By the triple three I mean of course Kelce, Ertz, and Kittle. They’re all 3 undoubtedly the top tight ends this year in fantasy with Gronkowski in retirement. Kelce is obviously the #1 tight end, look to get him in round 2 if you can. If not, round 3-4 for Ertz or Kittle is solid too. Don’t be wasting a good pick where you can take someone like TY Hilton or Adam Thielen in the 3rd round on somebody like OJ Howard… bad decision there. 

Wait on your tight end, look at somebody like Hunter Henry who will be a focal point in the Chargers offense this year if he can stay healthy, he’s a beast on the field and you can take him in about round 6 or 7. Even keep an eye on Lions rookie, TJ Hockenson. The said to be “next Gronk” has been impressive in camp and Stafford has made him a favorite target already, Hockenson could catch fire quick this year and he’s being drafted in the 12th round in most mocks. 

Dont take your kicker or defense until round 12 at least, PLEASE 

No one likes that one guy who drafts their kicker in the 8th round. You’re really going to pass on taking your 3rd running back to pick your kicker? What??? My advice for taking a kicker this year, draft one that is in a high scoring offense such as Will Lutz or Michael Badgley. 

And as far as defenses, don’t take the Bears in the 7th round. Please don’t. I always wait until the 13th-15th round to grab a kicker and two defenses… and it pays off every year. For defenses this year, look at the Buffalo Bills, they have a really strong and fast defense. Or, the Lions are a solid pick… that defensive line is going to be monstrous racking up sacks over and over. 

As always, have fun with drafting and good luck this year! If you dominate your draft, you’re welcome. If you suck it up, you have nobody to blame but yourself! 

Im kidding… im kidding, eh. 

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