FanSided Isn’t Ready For This Beef – Diss Track Coming Soon By @TrevStoneCEO | @MaxwellOgden @FanSided

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Could you imagine trying to take down another website by reaching out to the nearly every blogger of another site? I understand if you think someone is talented and you want them on your team, but to reach out to nearly every single person… That’s a bit ridiculous. Now… if it happened to be Barstool Sports or another network who is respected, that’d be different.

But not when it’s FanSidedYup, the shitty network who sends out $4 checks to people who blog for months. Yup, them. I’ve never liked them, I never got along with people there. This isn’t my first rodeo with these fucks, and this surely won’t be the last… here’s the thing… It’s time to put the garbage network they run out of business.

Oh btw, why did you guy’s report our Twitter accounts? I mean.. It’d be pretty strange for them all to be reported minutes after tweeting about you guys.


How am I going to do that?

But step 1? How am I going to take you guys down? With my words… It’s time to put these fuckers in a blender and drink the juice.

Here’s a preview:

Yup! Coming out this weekend.

Oh, Maxwell… I know you’re going to see this… seeing you’re tagged in the title… best of luck, champ! I know you’re one of the handful of members of your trash website reaching out to everyone.

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