Falcons Star to Step Away From Football to Battle Mental Health Struggles

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What comes as a shocking news earlier today, Calvin Ridley will be stepping away from football due to mental health struggles. Calvin made the announcemnt on his twitter this morning.

You kind of had the feeling this could have happened as if you noticed, Ridley took a lot of “personal days” during many practices and he also did not travel for the London game.

This goes to show that once again mental health problems can hit anyone! Ridley is one of the more talented wide receivers in the NFL and is now going through a tough road in his life that no one can really argue to or compare. It’s important to know that you really never know what may be going one with someone in their life so always be positive to others and never try to burn a bridge.

What we do next, is hope that Ridley takes the time he needs to feel better and come back to the field when he is ready so we can watch him perform because he is so fun to watch. This is a blow to the Falcons, but at the end of the day, this is bigger than football. The Falcons understand that and I am sure they will give him the time he needs along with the help he may need from them. He means a lot to that club.

Mental health is serious and if you ever feel down, or feel as if you are going through something tough in your life, be sure to reach out to someone. Any help is better than no help. Much love!

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