Fake News: Darius Sessoms The Man Who Killed Cannon Hinnant Never Had A GoFundMe

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I keep seeing a post going around Facebook that reads “ASK YOURSELF” with an image of Darius Sessoms the man who killed 5 year old Cannon Hinnant. Under Sessoms image it reads “has a GOFUNDME killed a 5 year old riding his bike.”

Then on the right side of the image is Kyle Rittenhouse who drove to Kenosha, Wisconsin protests with a gun, murdered two people and shot another, and wasn’t old enough to have and it reads “But his is taken down. Defended himself against three attackers


Are people this stupid? How hard is it to do a simple Google Search in 2020? Instead you hit the share button to try and make Kyle Rittenhouse murdering two men, okay.

What a shame. Every time someone is killed it seems as if somehow little Cannon Hinnant has to be brought up.

Here is the original post:

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