F*** the Cubs

If you needed any other reason to hate these Cubs, there’s a leaked version of their city uniforms and they are the blandest custom jerseys I’ve ever seen.

This isn’t even the worst thing to come out of Chicago. They still have that baby playing 1st base who is allowed to do and say whatever he wants, but when other teams do the same thing it’s a huge deal.

Not to mention, Willson Contreras is the only one who can show emotion or play hard.

I mean good lord Yasiel Puig was thrown at on a 3-0 count because they didn’t like him showing emotion.

And yes, Javy Baez showing why striking out 150 times a year truly makes you a superstar.

As a Reds fan, it’s very tiresome to watch the same guys who showboat and talk shit, get mad at the other team for showboating and talking shit. Trevor Bauer said it best.


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