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Explosive Report: Aaron Rodgers Referred to Mike McCarthy as Having a Low Football IQ

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Remember when Aaron Rodgers pretended to be upset about head coach Mike McCarthy getting fired?  Even Green Bay fans knew that was complete bullshit, and it’s another reason I refer to him as Aaron Fraudgers.

Now an explosive new report by Tyler Dunne from Bleacher Report indicates Fraudgers held a longtime grudge against his former head coach for passing on him in the NFL Draft in favor of Alex Smith. Smith was drafted in 2005 with the 1st overall pick by the San Francisco 49’ers, when McCarthy was the offensive coordinator. Of course, Rodgers was drafted by Green Bay with the 24th overall pick.

Fraudgers was also frustrated with McCarthy for what he perceived as a low football IQ. According to the report, he felt McCarthy had one of the lowest football IQs of any of his coaches, if not the lowest IQ.

Fraudgers allegedly used to vent that McCarthy was clueless and frequently called the wrong plays. A report came out in December of 2018 alleging Fraudgers frequently changed the play on offense at the line of scrimmage.

Ryan Grant, who played running back for the Packers, chimed in to confirm the report. An anonymous longtime Packers player referred to the locker room dynamic between Fraudgers and McCarthy as a cancer.

An anonymous Packers personnel employee noted that it’s difficult for Fraudgers to respect McCarthy when he believes he’s smarter than him.

Criticism isn’t new for Fraudgers. In 2016, former Packers tight end Jermichael Finley called him “real self-centered,” “very sensitive,” and said he wasn’t a natural leader. He went on to say Fraudgers was all about himself and his stats.

Former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings said he knew his time in Green Bay was over during a game between the Packers and 49’ers in 2012. 49’ers cornerback Carlos Rodgers was joking with Jennings about running a lot of short routes and he quipped back that it was a contract year. Fraudgers overheard this, interrupted the conversation and told Rodgers they should pick him up next year.

In all seriousness, who does get along with Aaron Fraudgers? He cut off his entire family for years. He didn’t attend his grandfather’s funeral. He fired his former business manager, who he’s known since high school.

Aaron Fraudgers no longer has the Mike McCarthy excuse. He’s getting a fresh start in Green Bay and he must own whatever that result looks like.

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