Examples of good customer service

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The reputation and success of any company depend on many parameters. When we talk about the goodwill of the company one of the strongest pillars that provide a “strong market image” to any company is its customer service department. The customer service representatives are the ones that bring stability to a company by catering to the problems and queries of customers.

The Customer Service department works to resolve the issues that may occur and it is their responsibility to do it well. Let us give you an example of internet, cable TV, and home phone service provider Spectrum. They lost many clients and there were many unhappy customers but in the year their spectrum customer service worked very hard and now if you enter Spectrum in the search bar, you will that Spectrum as one of the top brands. This is the role that a customer service department places.

Let us give you some examples of goods customer service because you learn better when you see examples around you.

Spectrum Customer Service:

As mentioned earlier, if you look at the history of Charter Spectrum, they were the 2nd best internet service provider in 2016, but they were not able to efficiently resolve the queries of their customer so they lost that position. In the year 2020, they made conscious efforts for improvement and regained their position by providing 24/7 assistance to their customers. Now you can approach them anytime. This gained the confidence of customers that they can rely on customer support in case if they face any trouble.

JetBlue Airlines 

One of the best airlines in the world is JetBlue. There a reason why they stand in the top position, they are known for providing giveaways to their customers. Providing a gift even if that is food to your customer is a kind gesture. This gains and attracts more customers.


Telsa is one of the leading cleaning company that provides cleaning services in a car. They go to their customer’s home to solve their issues. Due to this approach, they are gaining popularity and getting more customers.


Adobe is the most famous software company. They are famous for providing quick responses to the queries of their customers, as fast as within minutes. Such efficient customer service has made a strong demand for Adobe in the market.

Coca Cola 

Well, they need no introduction. One of the factors behind Coca Colas success is that they take an active part in the welfare of society since millions of people love coke. They give back to society and this creates a positive image of the company.

Skills that are required for good customer service:

Certain skills can improve your customer service. Since you have read about some successful real-life examples, you can also work on your skills to be successful.

Don’t make your customers wait:

When a customer approaches the customer service department, usually they are there because they are facing any problems. When a customer is already frustrated and you make them wait, it will make them more furious. You should not make your customer wait and resolve their issues or trouble in time. If you will be quick in resolving the issues of your clients, they will have more confidence in your service or product.

Be empathetic:

When a client faces any issue they are frustrated and confused. It might not be your problem but you must feel what a customer is going through. If you can feel the pain that is caused by any problem, you will have an empathetic attitude and the client can see or feel that. When a customer feels that he is understood, he will become calm and trust you with your services.

Provide different support options:

Your company or business should provide different mediums to their customers to reach the customer service department. If a customer can not physically visit your customer service department, you should provide them with other options. Good customer service provides an online medium through website and toll-free customer service number to their customers so they can reach them anytime when they face trouble.

Take customers feedback:

When you ask customers about their satisfaction with your product or services, you will gain the confidence of your customers. Feedback gives an impression that you value the suggestions of your clients or customers. A proper method should be followed to take the feedback of customers.

In Conclusion:

You get success in your business when you provide good customer services. We have mentioned some practical examples to motivate you so you may improve your customer service department or skills. Just, ponder upon your existing customer service, point out the areas where you think you need improvement, and take steps to make it better.

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