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Everyone Welcome Desmond “You Know” Trufant To The Lions | Say’s “You Know” 48 Times In 4 Minute Interview With Tori Petry – @sportstori @DesmondTrufant

There isn’t anything better than listening to interviews and noticing words that certain players use. I thought that there would be nothing better than listening to Allen Iverson say the word ‘practice’ 22 times….. Desmond Trufant has officially one upped him. YOU KNOW.

Desmond Trufant joins the Lions after spending 2013-2019 with the Atlanta Falcons, coming to Detroit is something that’s a little different for him. That might have caused some nerves for Trufant during an interview with Lions reporter, Tori Petry.

Or, you know, maybe that’s just how he talks. Either-way, it’s worth a watch. You know that you’ll laugh.

Throughout the interview Trufant he said “you know” 48 times.


Welcome to Detroit!

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