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Everyone Needs To Donate To The #BarstoolFund Right Now | @stoolpresidente @EKANardini @TheLizGonzales

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Listen, this year has been really hard for a lot of people, but no industry appears to be hit harder than small business. What Dave Portnoy, the famous leader of Barstool Sports is doing is nothing short of amazing. It started with him getting called out, and in true Barstool fashion, it has gone above and beyond.

The fund started with a $500k donation by Dave himself, and has moved forward into incredible leaps and bounds where he donates specifically to businesses who have people on payroll, and will continue to donate and fund these businesses until the pandemic is over. He, and the stool alike are doing incredible things for small business, and keeping many families hopes and dreams alive.

He tweeted above that we can add an extra $1 million to the fund it hits a certain number by tonight, which would just be absolutely life-changing. This fund seems to be picking up more steam than it seems to be slowing down, and it is the feel good story we all need to see. Whether you want to buy a t-shirt (all net proceeds go to charity), or donate $5, do your part. I already have my Borelli’s t-shirt on the way. We can all spare something to help out others. Happy new year, let’s do the right thing.

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