Everyone Missed This Secret Dogecoin Clue From Elon Musk That Is Really Important

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Matt Wallace who is my favorite internet creator who covers Dogecoin found a very big hint from Elon Musk. Whenever Elon Musk talks about Dogecoin the price continues to rise. Recently he announced that he will be going on Saturday Night Live to talk Dogecoin:

That isn’t the hint. The hint was in the following tweet:

Doesn’t look like anything, right?

It actually does. Matt Wallace figured it out. It isn’t just a Spotify music playlist. There is something else behind it.

Still doesn’t seem like anything?

Look again:

Keep looking….

See it yet?

DOGE #1!!!!

Elon Musk has hinted at something big with this. Dogecoin going to #1. If you want to know why this little hint is so important watch the video below from Matt Wallace! A pretty cool hidden message that Musk had. Credit to Wallace for finding it.

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