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Everyone and their mother is traveling to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula For This Weekend, Look At This Image Of 8 Miles Of Bumper To Bumper Traffic Trying To Access The U.P

I can feel it.. coming in the air tonight!!! Hold on!!! I can feel it coming in the air tonight!!! Coronaaaaaa!!! coorrronaaaa!

Everyone and their mother seems to be traveling to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this for this weekend, and it’s actually pretty scary!

With Michigan’s Upper Peninsula opening up on Friday, bars are expected to host only 50% of their customers, weather is supposed to be nice, and corona is on its way.

An image shared on Facebook by a user traveling to lower Michigan shows the lineup of vehicles that lasts roughly 8 miles, bumper to bumper, people traveling to the great outdoors.

Family member just took this picture!! Get ready Northern Michigan!! 8 miles of bumper to bumper traffic heading NORTH on I-75!! 🙁

Posted by Courtney Schultz on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Please. Just because the U.P is open, please consider NOT coming up here!

There is a total of 56 ICU beds in the entire Upper Peninsula.

Some counties still have zero cases, and I’m sure they would like it to stay that way.

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