Everson Griffen Just Gave Me The Chills | Put Some Respect On His Name Mike Zimmer He Is Great!

I am excited. I have the chills right now. Everson Griffen isn’t only a good player, he is a great player!

As a diehard Detroit Lions fan I know that’s a fact. He tore Detroit up. His former coach Mike Zimmer called Griffen a “good” player and Griffen like he should took that as disrespect.

During his media conference today Griffen made sure to make that known:

Griffen went on to call Zimmer a GREAT coach. But I tell you what, this is great. I can’t wait to watch this beast takeover on Sunday!

I can’t wait for Sunday! Lets go! Excuse me. Let’s fuuuuuuuccckkkinnn’ GOOOO!


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