Even if There is a Cliff, It’s not fair to say Brady has Fallen Off It

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Shut up. This is sports. Of course it’s not. Here’s the reality though.

You hear all these talking heads discussing how Brady just isn’t good enough to overcome bad help anymore. Since he is 42, he just doesn’t have the ability to make below average guys look like good weapons…this has to be one of the worst justifications I have ever heard.

Can we discuss for just ONE DAMN SECOND how the New England Patriots are 9-1 going into this weekend and are running out a depleted offensive line (Wynn is out) and Julian Edelman, Phillip Dorsett, Mohamed Sanu, and a rookie and still win every game except the Ravens game, which came down to the defense not being able to slow down Lamar Jackson (but–no one has been able to do that this year so that’s okay honestly)

The defense is great, but Bill has failed to help Brady on offense. The running game is non-existent with the line being where its at and they have zero weapons on offense. OH BOO HOO CRY ME A RIVER RIGHT?

What do you hear when Davante Adams was hurt? “Oh Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have his guy” *Still has a stellar backfield, good O-line and MVS, St. Brown, Allison, and Jimmy Graham.

OH NO MAHOMES DOESN’T HAVE TYREEK WHAT WILL HE DO? I don’t know, throw to Sammy, Mercole, Kelce and then hand it off to Shady and Williams.

Drew Brees has Thomas and Kamara. Watson has the Dreaded Duo and an improved offensive line. Even Russell Wilson has emerging talents at the TE position and a young star in DK Metcalf and veteran help in Josh Gordon. Who does Brady have? A bunch of dudes that can’t get any separation off the line of scrimmage, and yet, here we are at 9-1.

OH BUT THE DIVISION IS EASY. Yeah, but good teams still lose to bad teams, but not New England. Their issue is going to be the good teams. Brady definitely isn’t what he was. I am not going to sit here and act like he is the same guy from 5 years ago, but he is overcoming a lot this year at the age of 42. No weapons, no line, no deep threat, no nothing. If he plays poorly or can’t manage the game, they lose. Even though this is the case, here we are at 9-1, the playoffs are going to go through Foxboro, and they are still probably going to go to the Super Bowl…again.

This isn’t because of Belichick, this is in spite of his inability to get Brady help and he still facilitates that offense to 20-30 points a game. The defense is great, but this team would be .500 without Brady. They need to bite the bullet, even though Jeff Howe of the Atlantic reported today this wasn’t going to happen, and sign AB back. Does an elite receiver mean everything? No, I am anti-elite receivers. BUT… when you quite literally have nothing else, anything is better than nothing.


Gordon- GONE


Edelman, Harry, Dorsett, Sanu, and Jacoby Meyers (who?).

He hasn’t fallen off a cliff, folks. He just has nothing to work with. And guess what? We are still better than you.

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