Evander Holyfield And Tito Ortiz Both Had Absolutely No Business Being In A Boxing Ring

We have a new meme in Tito Ortiz, I’m not saying I called it, but I fucking called it. Actually my first ever blog on this site was about this fight and I said Tito had no business to fight in this, he isn’t a boxer and he is old and not a fighter. It’s tough to watch though, you know he needed the payday but damn he got knocked out and became a meme all for a lil money. That’s a tough scene honestly.

Now this was just sad to see, Evander had no fucking reason to be out there. Vitor Belfort is 14 years younger and has been fighting recently and stayed in pretty good fighting shape. Not to mention he can still hit like a fucking small truck. I can’t blame Vitor because he wasn’t planning for this he wanted Oscars bitch ass but sadly Evander stepped up. Like Tito he proved he should not be in a boxing ring and he also lost in the first round. Thank goodness the ref stopped it when he did and didn’t let Evander really get hurt and KO’ed. We need to stop these old fighters from getting in the ring, imagine if Tyson and Evander took place last year instead of Tyson and Roy Jones. Tyson would have taken his fucking head off and committed murder. Really some sad stuff to see legends go out like this.


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