Evan ‘Dwarf Mamba’ Eckenrode Reaches Out To Family Of 9 Year Old Wanting To Die Because He Is Being Bullied At School : Heart Breaking Video – @Dwarf_Mamba

A video surfaced the Internet today of a mother recording her son talking about wanting to commit suicide because he is being bullied at school. He is only nine years old. Before you watch the video, I want to warn you that it’s very heart breaking.

Evan Eckenrode who goes by the nickname ‘Dwarf Mamba’ is known for his comedy and his rise to fame from Vine. He has over 2M subscribers on YouTube, and lives with the popular Logan Paul.

Evan reached out to the family on social media today asking if someone could put them in contact with the mother.

Moments later he shared that he is in contact with the young kids mother:

We haven’t heard any update yet. We really need to all come together, there is no reason that this kid should feel this way. We need to make sure that he feels special.

I hope that we end up seeing a picture of Evan and the young nine year old together!

There was a GoFundMe started by comedian Brad Williams that had a goal of $10,000 it’s already over $75K to send him to DisneyLand! Click here to go to the GoFundMe!

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