eSports Betting 101: Getting Real Cash from Virtual Points


People are often looking for additional sources of income. The expanding universe represented by the Internet makes this wish seem more and more feasible. Apart from e-coins trading and content creation, you may also find a world of opportunity in the e-sports betting field. Of course, you might wonder how often is it possible to cash out? While there are specific features that only work in the online casino, most web bookmakers have withdrawal options that let you retire real funds. If you’re wondering how, we have created a thorough presentation of the phenomenon, along with some useful tips. 

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the meat of it! We’ve got some serious work to do.

Find The Most Fitting Bookmaker

Indeed, the first step is registering with a bookmaking platform. These specialized websites may offer both betting options and bonuses. There are numerous promotions catering to new (and existing) users who wish to give their betting a perk, as seen on Our recommended website reviews the most prominent online casinos so that you can make an informed decision. As for the first deposit bonus page – we believe that’s a quasi-necessary step in every new punter’s journey. 


At the moment, e-sports is a relatively rare category, even among bookmaking giants. Your best bet is looking at gambling companies that have had a long run in the field and double as sponsors for major leagues. 

Placing Your First Bet

All your firsts have to be thrilling, but your first bet is a mix of thrills and… calculus. To maximize your odds, you should have prior knowledge of the e-sport you’re betting on, as well as an overview of the participating teams. It would be best if you kept a careful eye on each team’s or player’s odds – this is also necessary for calculating your winnings. For example, placing a stake of $10 with 1.75 odds will result in your earning £17.50. Another recommendation is to first go for the road less traveled – this way, you’ll fend off the pressure of your first wager and get much more freedom of movement. Serendipity works in betting, too! 

Handicap Betting

Like in regular sports betting, e-punters may head towards playing with a deficit. In this wagering framework, one of the teams has got a headstart. Generally, the odds for such a game are +/- 1.5, where -1.5 signifies that a team has had one and a half points taken away from them. Should you want to place a stake with a handicap, we suggest you start with Counter-Strike, as it is the most famous e-sport in this category. Moreover, review websites have given it a perfect score when it comes to betting complexity. We have to make the sole counterpoint that the game’s ever-expanding universe might intimidate less experienced players.

The Big Titles in the Field

We have already mentioned Counter-Strike (and now we also note its recent iteration, CS: GO) as a name on the lips of all e-gamblers. Aside from it, we have to name Dota2, Hearthstone, and League of Legends. Of the three, LoL might be the most well-rounded. Keep in mind that this game is the parent of all modern e-sports in terms of mechanics. Although CS and CS: GO are, as stated, the most fitting choices for handicap betting, League of Legends may very well be the starter’s choice because of its accessibility and cult following. Dota and Hearthstone, on the other hand, make for highly dynamic betting fields, so you are likely to enjoy them once placing stakes starts feeling more natural for you.

Final Considerations

If your betting session brings about a positive outcome, you may withdraw your winnings shortly afterward. Many bookmakers that host e-sports have also got an in-house cashout system, but there are numerous withdrawal methods available to you even without it. Most online gambling houses will send funds back to your debit card or e-wallet in several days at the most. 

E-sports betting is on the rise and if you do some research, start with friendlier games and then move to dynamic ones, you could very well get some real money from it. And some real gambling experience, too!

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