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ESPN Is Blocking Employees From Going On The Pat McAfee Show? Apparently Going Back On There Word Now? @PatMcAfeeShow

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The Pat McAfee Show has officially been listed as the most popular YouTube sports show brining in over 54M views in the month of January, the show continues to skyrocket.

But with that strong #1 title that Mr. McAfee and his boys now have comes a little company named ESPN who is upset.

Why are they upset?

Well they’re not happy that McAfee constantly has ESPN employees on his show. Even though majority of them were friends with McAfee before the show that isn’t stopping ESPN from now not allowing McAfee to book ESPN employees. Don’t forget that Pat has even worked for ESPN.

McAfee said that he understood why this was happening stating “It’s business” but still isn’t happy about it and said that if that’s the case he won’t be working with ESPN anymore.

That statement there about him not working with ESPN anymore might have stirred the pot at the ESPN HQ because afterwards they issued a statement saying they’re going to allow people onto the show.

“We didn’t intend to ban ESPN guests from the show & there is certainly no ban going forward. We are in the midst of figuring out the best process for future guests to appear on outside platforms & Pat will continue to make regular appearances on ESPN shows.”

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