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Eric Ebron’s Honeybun Addiction Forced Andrew Luck to retire @Ebron85

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Last night Andrew Luck shocked the World when news broke from Adam Schefter that he would be retiring from the NFL.

Now why would a 29 year old retire this early? Injuries? Mental health? Could be…

But quite frankly after doing some serious research to figure out the exact reason why Luck retired, I was able to “put my finger on it” and honestly it is because of Eric Ebron and his honeybun addiction.

Andrew was deep down getting fed up that Ebron kept tweeting ‘lying’ that he was done eating honeybuns and the team would find a different box of them in Ebron’s locker everyday. What a fatso.

After Andrew Luck realized he couldn’t help Ebron’s addiction it forced Luck to become more stressed out and in fact pushed him to retire.

Sounds about right.

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